Linear Stands

Linear is our high-end exhibition stand system giving you full flexibility gained from a completely bespoke design accompanied by a wide range of accessories from bases to lights. As with other products check out the Online Catalogue.
  • Available in 5 standard sizes from 5m x 4m up to 8m x 3m
  • Create your own bespoke stand via our CAD design service
  • Variety of graphic fixings available from rollable to rigid
  • UK manufactured round, oval or square extrusions
  • Wide range of accessories available

ABC Dummy Stand
ABC Plan

Examples of standard designs
Linear Standard Stands

Linear Stand Kits

Linear Panel Kits utilises the Linear extrusions to provide a range of graphic display options ideal for retail or exhibition environments. The Online Catalogue provides more detailed information.
  • Flat or curved graphic kits available in 6 standard sizes
  • Exec Wave and Exec Curve displays can incorporate leaflet dispensers, shelves and LCD monitors
  • Wide range of accessories available
Linear ExecWave & Curve
Graphic Panel Kits

Curved Graphic Panel Kits